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Can we please take a moment to talk about this man? He is not what you would look and say “He is a superhero.” He also doesn’t have any type of superpower, he don’t fly, or have super strength, or has the mutant gene. But he had a choice to do between what was right or wrong, and even though he knew if he didn’t do as Rumlow was asking Rumlow would kill him and just do it, he prefered not to do and die. Because he wanted to do what was the right thing to do.

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Chris Hemsworth accepts Robert Downey Jr.’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and nominates Chris Evans, Mark Ruffalo and Jeremy Renner

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W h o   t h e   h e l l   i s   B u c k y ?

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prediction: lydia’s dad is a banshee and is also the benefactor

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yooo if Parrish is a Phoenix I win twenty bucks from my father. we made this bet when he was found to be on the list weeks ago, and I pointed out that Parrish and perish are pronounced the same and that promo with him covered in ash…I feel even more confident ima get my money awh yeah